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Welcome to Curry King’s original website, where you can find authentic Indian food and great fast foods to satisfy any cravings. Order food online in Dreghorn and get an exclusive 10% discount. We will rush your meal of choice straight to your door or you can collect it at your convenience.

We have a team of talented chefs who always stick to the freshest picks to prepare mouthwatering meals daily. Check out our vibrant menu and connect with your loving food.

Our creamy Kormas, slow cooked Biryanis, homemade chicken Tikka Masala, and ultimate Balti curry with a delicious blend of spices are going to take your lunchtime to the next level.

If you are looking for a simple family dinner, our Madras curry is always a winner. It’s full of fragrant spices and tender pieces of chicken. Just do a quick search for ‘The best Indian food in Dreghorn’. Our website will definitely top the Google search result list.  Tap it and start your journey.

Our stuffed crust pizzas, charcoal grilled kebabs, juicy Burgers, savoury Hoagies and Wraps are also favourite options for a quick meal during game nights or family get-togethers.

Feel free to call us at 01294212333 and order over the phone.

Thank you for making us your first choice.